1. Click on the Apple Menu and scroll down to System Preferences.

    the apple menu with system preferences selected

  2. After the System Preferences window opens, click on the Network icon.

    the network globe icon

  3. After the Network Preferences window opens, click the pull-down menu next to Show: and select Internal Modem.
  4. Click on the TCP/IP tab.
  5. Click on the pull-down menu next to Configure: and select Using PPP.

    network setting with tcp/ip tab selected


  6. In the Domain Name Servers box, type
  7. Click on the PPP tab.
  8. In the Service Provider box, type Netpoint
  9. In the Telephone Number box, type either 655-1955 or 655-1955.

    ppp tab with the appropriate settings entered

  10. In the Account Name box, type your username. Note: if you're e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then your username is just johndoe
  11. In the Password box, you have an option to either type in your password or leave it blank. If you type in your password then it will be saved on the computer and you won't have to type it in again. If you leave it blank then you will have to type in your password before each dialup session.
  12. Click on the PPP Options... button.
  13. Check the box next to Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications.
  14. Un-check the box next to Prompt every 30 minutes to maintain connection.
  15. Un-check the box next to Disconnect if idle for 15 minutes.
  16. Check the box next to Disconnect when user logs out.
  17. Click on the OK button.

    session options window

  18. Click on the Apply Now button.
  19. You have just setup Mac OS X to dial up to the Internet.
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