After you have become familiar with Windows 8,  use the following guide to setup and configure your computer to receive email from your Starpoint account.

This is a general guide, some systems may vary. If you are unfamiliar with your Windows 8 installation, we suggest using the "Getting started" tutorial from your apps menu.
(The icon that looks like the NetPoint logo) Please note: You must be signed in with a Microsoft account before you can setup another account.  (Such as, or

If you do not have such an account you will need to create one.   Once you are signed in, you can begin to setup your account:

  1. Click on the Mail icon
  2. Access the Charm bar (point the mouse to the upper right corner)
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click "Accounts" when the setting bar appears
  5. Click "Other Account"
  6. On the "Add your Other account" screen enter your email address and password
  7. Click "Show more details"
  8. Enter the Username (Usually the 1st part of your email address)
  9. Enter the Incoming mail server:
  10. Uncheck the box "Incoming email server requires SSL
  11. Enter the outgoing mail server:
  12. Uncheck "Outgoing server requires SSL"
  13. Uncheck "Outgoing server requires authentication
  14. Click Connect
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