A: Yes, most accounts qualify for discounts. Prepay for 1 year and get 2 months free, or prepay 6 months and get 15%. These discounts are not available on personal hosting accounts or email only accounts, sorry. All other types of accounts including wireless, dial-up and business hosting qualify. For more information contact us at 507-532-9641.

Yes, usually $50-$100 for activation and installation, depending on the installation requirements. In some cases you can do your own installation and pay only a $25 one-time activation fee.

Equipment provided by us will need to be plugged into a network device such as a wifi router. There are no other requirements.

No. The advertised fee is what you will see on your invoice

Yes. You pay for the speed you want. We do not turn down the speed when you reach certain limits like other companies.

Yes. If a wISP provider ever tells you "no" they are lying. These events are infrequent but can happen due severe weather, equipment failure or updates, or a number of other situations. We work quickly to restore services and outages usually do not last very long. 

We do not normally provide end user devices such as wifi routers. We do provide the devices necessary to connect to our services.  We retain ownership of the equipment and will replace the equipment if it fails. There is no charge for a service call if the equipment malfunctions.

Sometimes. It isn't recommended. If you are able to access the configuration for the modem and turn of DHCP, then the device may work fine.

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