1 Meg

Basic Internet service doesn't need to be expensive. Supports websurfing & email.


5 Megs Plus

Suitable for surfing the web, email and short/low resolution videos


10 Megs Plus

Watch Netflix and other video content providers at standard resolutions. 


20 Megs 

Better for more streams or higher resolution (HD) viewing. Better for gaming systems.


30 Megs 

Faster speeds better for more devices


40 Megs plus

Great for busy families with lots of devices!


Need More Speed?

In many areas,  Starpoint Communications can provide custom speeds and applications.  Inquire for more information.

The Not-So-Fine-Print
*Advertised speeds available in most of the coverage area. Actual speeds depend on a variety of factors such as internet congestion and environmental conditions which can affect quality of the wireless link.   NetPoint utilizes a "Fair Use Policy" to ensure that day-to-day internet access is consistent among our subscribers. If you have concerns that your internet usage might be higher than normal, please let us know so that we can ensure that you would get the service you expect!


Easy to Start

FreedomNo contracts or commitments with any of our services. We earn your business everyday.


Web Design/Hosting

Web Design and HostingWeb design and hosting to meet your needs.


HighSpeed Rural Internet

Highspeed rural internetHigh speed internet access isn't just a city thing anymore.


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