What is Malware and how do you keep it off your system?

Many of the systems we find with problems are caused by malware. Malware is sometimes called foistware or spyware. Many of these applications are technically not viruses and often need permission to install so they are not caught by anti-virus programs. For this reason many of them have to disguise themselves as  familiar programs or helpful applications. Sometimes, even programs that are legitimate can cause problems. Many vendors want you to use their tool bar on your web browser. Too many tool bar applications can degrade your computer's performance and hinder your internet activities. 

Another potentially serious threat malware poses come from loader programs. Once installed, these programs can install new malware programs and with out having to request your permission again.

Learning to recognize alerts from legitimate  applications apart from malware applications can save a lot of time, money and trouble. This article will show some examples of malware....


For example I was recently surfing the internet when this pop-up appeared:

 Aside from the fact that I wasn't using a PC running windows,the browser reported the pop-up as coming from a website (nuyabpxdutch.info)

The best thing to do with something like this is to exit [x] out of this browser window.

Sometimes that doesn't help though.  This particular website was persistent and still redirected by browser to a page that looked like the Windows XP control panel. The window displayed some awful looking trying to coax me into allowing the application into my computer.



In this situation it is best to quit your internet browser. Do not allow it to install anything!


Here is another example from Facebook:

(Don't try this at home!)



"Oh, look... Someone named Judy Carter says 'hello.'" I'll click on it and see where it goes...


 Oh, she has a video, let's check this out!!


 Now I'm on Twitter. That's safe then, right? I'll click the link!


"Oh, drats, my computer needs a new version of codec" Sounds legit? Maybe for a trusted site like youtube, but not here.


 For more information on Malware, click here



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