Users Report Free Email Program Blocking Them


We received an email from this company indicating they have corrected their information

If you are still having troubles close out the application and relaunch it. 




Reports have received regarding the "eM Client" email program which stopped working for several users. This program, distributed as "free for non-commercial use" apparently was disabled for users due to the company's belief that our clients are employees and are abusing the Terms of Service agreement. 

One user of this program forwarded a notice they recieved from the software company indicating they would need to purchase a Pro license and reactivate their account. The notice from  the software company, which appears to be from the Czech Republic, also contained a disclaimer suggesting that they do not have access to your email.

We have reached out to eM Client regarding this matter which hopefully will be resolved.  If you are unable to endure this inconvienience we suggest using our webmail program or switching to Thunderbird. 

You can download the Mozilla Thunderbird program here:

Instructions for importing from eM Client can be found here:

eM Client s.r.o.

Thámova 18

Prague, 186 00

Czech Republic

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