NetPoint celebrates its 15th year as an Internet Service Provider.

In January 1996, NetPoint became the first ISP in the area to offer unlimited dial up Internet access. Shortly afterwards, NetPoint was incorporated into Starpoint Communications, Inc.

NetPoint was also the first in the area to provide web hosting, web site design and deploy a broadband wireless network. 

Many people in 1996 thought the Internet might just be a fad, like CB radios.
Here is a look back at 1996:

A new form of malware is allegedly circulating that claims to have found illegal copyrighted material on your computer Its purpose is to exhort a "fine" from the computer user. See the link below for more information.

Online scams, known as phishing, attempt to trick Internet users to provide sensitive account information to identity thieves. Messages are often delivered from email addresses that look convincing.

Providers such as Paypal, Ebay and banks, will never request such information via e-mail

Please remember that NetPoint will never solicit information about your account via e-mail.

Never reply to an email requesting such information.

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