Fixing the Server Identity Error

UPDATE: 9/28/2020

A recent firmware update for the iOS devices has reset some settings their configurations. 

The quickest work around to resolve this issue is to perform the following actions:

Tap the settings icon
Find and tap the MAIL icon
Tap the mail account 
Tap Advanced
Find the SSL setting and toggle it to OFF

This should resolve the issue. 

If you are getting the error "Cannot Verify Server Identity" on your apple device, you will need to reset your email account on your device.
The procedure described below is generalized information.  Your Apple Table, iPhone, or other Apple device might vary. 

There are some important considerations before you begin this process.
1) You must know your password.  If you do not know it, please contact us to reset it. 
2) If you are using the pop3 method of fetching mail, you will need to back up your message if you want to keep them

If you do not know your password but want the error messages to stop, you can do the first steps listed below:

First, locate the account settings. Go to your settings icon, locate and tap:  

"Password and Accounts" (on newer devices)
"Mail, Contacts, Calendars" (on older devices)

Locate your Netpoint Account and tap it.
If you want to just disable the popup messages until a future time, you can do that on this screen. If you are 
ready to proceed, tap the Delete Account
If you are using an iPhone, oddly, you will need to restart the phone to ensure the settings are removed.
Next, add the account back in.
Return to the above menu and select "Add Account
Select "Other"
tab "Add Mail Account"
Fill in your Name, email address and description
Tap Next
After a moment it will bring you to a screen with more settings.
IMAP should be selected at the top
Enter in the Host Name:
Enter your case sensitive User Name: should be the first part of your email address (everything left of the @)
Enter your case sensitive Password: will be set to what you entered on the first screen
Enter in the Host Name:
***Important*** do not enter your username and password in this section
tap Next
If any information you typed in is wrong, it will give you an error. Check your entries for typos and try again
You will get a message saying "Cannot verify server identity for"
tap Continue
You may get a message that it cannot connect using SSL,
tap Yes to continue using this connection.
tap Save

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